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Episode 41 – Guns & Gays – The Latest on the State of the 2nd Amendment – with Rob Doar of MN Gun Owners Caucus

Kip & Max talk to the Political Director of Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus, Rob Doar. They discuss gun rights for the people who most need them, the caucus’s experience at Minnesota’s Pride Festival, and how to keep legislators accountable to defending the civil right of gun ownership and self defense.

According to the MN Gun Owners Caucus Website:

Rob Doar is Political Director for the Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee. In this role, Mr. Doar is responsible for all aspects of MNGOPAC’s legislative and political activities, including legislative strategy, lobbying, political strategy, and coordination with other gun rights organizations such as GOCRA and the NRA.

A citizen lobbyist for several years, Rob has been a consistent face seen by legislators as the Minnesota Capital. Rob has been a key influence on pro-gun legislation, outdoor heritage, and MNsure oversight. As a lobbyist for the Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance, Rob was a key part of defeating the 2013 push for oppressive gun control. Rob’s expert testimony has made national headlines, and the strategy he helped cultivate has been successfully applied all over the country.

Rob has served as a staff member and in campaign leadership for races at a local, state, and federal level in Minnesota.

Rob is an avid outdoorsman, and serves with the US Air Force Auxiliary as an Incident Commander for Search and Rescue and Disaster Relief operations.



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