Max sits down with Gubernatorial Candidate Jeff Johnson, as part of his duty on Minnesota’s Republican Roundtable.

Watch the video below:


They talk government reform, state agencies, education, and this heated gubernatorial election.

According to Jeff Johnson’s Facebook page, he’s running for the following reasons:

Jeff Johnson a Commissioner on the Hennepin County Board and a former member of the Minnesota House of Representatives where he served as Assistant Majority Leader. He was the Republican candidate for Minnesota governor in 2014.

Jeff was born and raised in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota and attended Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota and Georgetown Law School in Washington, D.C. He previously served as an attorney with Cargill, Inc. and with firms in Minneapolis and Chicago. He also founded Midwest Employment Resources, a firm providing employment law training, investigation and mediation services to businesses throughout the country.

Jeff and his wife Sondi live in Plymouth, Minnesota with their two sons, Thor and Rolf.

Some of the core principles that guide my thinking on government and the issues:

  • The key to a stronger and more prosperous Minnesota is taking power away from government and giving it back to the people.
  • Government is a creation of and a servant to the people.
  • Minnesota’s sovereignty and liberty are non-negotiable and must be aggressively defended from Federal government overreach.  We control our own destiny.
  • Every life (born and unborn) is sacred.


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