Max sits down with Secretary of State Candidate John Howe, as part of his duty on Minnesota’s Republican Roundtable.

Watch the video below:


They talk the role of the Secretary of State, voter fraud and many other topics.

According to John Howe’s website, he’s running for the following reasons:

A core function of the Secretary of State’s office is the registration of new businesses, and filing and retrieval of business documents.

We need to streamline the business startup process. One example is by integrating registration with the Secretary of State’s office with the Department of Revenue into one place. We should also include licensing requirements from other State agencies.

We need to leverage the data that is collected about businesses so that we can improve upon predicting trends in the economy which would be of benefit, not just for the State, but the business community as well.

We need to be more responsive to the needs of the business community. The better we know the needs of business, not government, the better off we’ll all be.

As a business owner of over 25 years, I know from experience what it takes to navigate the often frustrating path of starting a business in Minnesota. We can do better, and as Secretary of State, I’ll work hard to make Minnesota more business friendly.

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